Anna-Marie Swan


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Facilitation Commons Stewardship Consulting Group dynamics Organisational design Decision-making Self-organisation Harm and repair Relational-led systems


I am in deep love and fascination with what’s needed to steward humane, relational-led organisations and communities that build deep roots internally and externally; self- and shared-enquiry; embodied facilitation; stewardship and commons; and exploring ‘what’s alive here?’ to disrupt unhealthy patterns, alchemise healthy ones, and as a route into reconciliation and repair.

Much of the time all of these exploratory elements combine; sometimes we need to focus on one.

To all my focuses, I bring my experience in group facilitation, project strategy, from-the-inside-out brand and communication design, partnership and ecosystem weaving, organisational design, strategy, and facilitation, two years in DAOs and the regenerative-focused web3 sector, and supporting community-led and community-focused projects. I also bring a deep commitment to distributed and embodied decision-making environments that harness all intelligences and voices.


I am trained in Sociocracy 3.0, a partner in a Holacracy-governed organisation, a participant of the London Dialogue Project, and the founder of the recently-formed Seaspray Collective. I am also experienced in Circling, systems thinking, and design thinking.

I write a Substack focused on organisational design, embodied facilitation, stewardship and commons, and self- and shared-enquiry, and am learning how to DJ.

Based in Exeter in the UK, I work with clients in person or virtually. I prioritise deep work where we can build a strong relationship but am happy to support short-term needs. I usually work with clients as an external consultant or facilitator, joining the project for an agreed time, or acting as a reflective, investigative partner.


Areas of particular interest

  • Design and facilitation of humane, relational-led organisations.
  • Self-organisation and distributed decision-making environments, especially at the foundation-setting stage.
  • Organisational clarity and alignment.
  • Communities and groups that are disadvantaged and devoiced by our current systems, and projects stewarding community-led initiatives.
  • Implementing Ostrom's design principles for commons into organisations and communities.
  • Design and facilitation of in-person and online workshops, gatherings, and retreats.
  • Disrupting unhealthy group and organisational patterns, and alchemising new ones.
  • Reconciliation and repair.
  • Facilitation of key, multi-stakeholder meetings.


Whether you need short-term facilitation support, a coach, a new member of your team for a specified period, or an event or retreat facilitator to work with you from concept to post-event reflection, we work closely with our clients to find the best constellation of facilitators and consultants to meet your needs and timelines.