Anna-Marie Swan


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Embodied facilitation Commons and stewardship Ecological Orgnisations Organisational coaching Group dynamics Organisational design Decision-making Self-organisation Reconciliation and repair Relational-led systemsExploring the Doughnut


I am in deep love with my work, which includes organisational design, embodied facilitation, and supporting organisations and communities to find their personal relationship with the Doughnut of Social and Planetary Boundaries (Raworth, K. (2017), Doughnut Economics: seven ways to think like a 21st century economist. London: Penguin Random House) through my work as a DEAL-affiliated Organisation In Action

I am also the creator of the Ecological Organisations Framework, the host and producer of the Generative Worlding podcast, and I write a Substack with insights and ideas from my work.

Recent focuses include: Partner at Nestr, Facilitator of 6 Founders Circles, DAO-foundations strategy and event facilitation at Regens Unite, Organisational design support at ReCommon, Organisational design, Social impact partnerships, and DAO strategy at Popcorn, Experience facilitator at dOrg, Enspiral's renovating membership year-long community engagement process, and Partner at 17DM Creative. I've also recently participated in The London Dialogue Project and Kernel block 7.


Based in Exeter in the UK, My perspectives have been moulded by over twenty-five years of scraggy and inconvenient health issues that bring my gaze to my inner experiences with laser focus. At the same time, these health issues have widened my gaze far beyond my self, into animism, interbeing, ancestry, self-organising systems, place, constellations of relationships, and the magnificent, mysterious resonance of the natural world. Over time, both gazes has brought me a relationship with life that is intimate, queer, personal, and deeply important.

Based in Exeter, Devon, in the UK, I work with clients in person or virtually. I prioritise work where we can build a strong relationship but I'm happy to support short-term or urgent needs.




Areas of particular interest

  • Ecological organisations.
  • Self-organisation and distributed decision-making environments.
  • How we root our organisations and communities in our local and regional environments.
  • Organisational clarity and alignment.
  • Communities and groups that are disadvantaged and devoiced by our current systems, and projects stewarding community-led initiatives.
  • Implementing Ostrom's design principles for commons into organisations and communities.
  • Design and facilitation of in-person and online workshops, gatherings, and retreats.
  • Disrupting unhealthy group and organisational patterns, and alchemising new ones.
  • Relational and organisational reconciliation and repair.
  • Facilitation of key, multi-stakeholder meetings.
  • The role of embodied facilitation.
  • Exploring the Doughnut.


Whether you need emergency or long-term support, leadership or team coaching, community or organisation design, or a facilitator to work with you from concept to post-event reflection, we will find the best team of facilitators and consultants to meet your needs.