Joey Nakayama




Facilitation Human-centred design Service design Innovation process Project management User research Visual communication Rapid prototyping Ideation Workshop design


How do we create and evaluate new solutions within complex, layered systems of people, technologies, and market forces? How do we navigate the ambiguity of leading change when faced with diverse and sometimes divergent stakeholder interests? These are the challenges that drive my work as a creator and facilitator.

My professional life is rooted in human-centred design. I have spent my career leading multidisciplinary teams to develop new services, products and experiences, fostering collaboration among stakeholders while keeping the people we aim to serve at the heart of our efforts.

I have worked with a wide variety of organisations, including nonprofits, Fortune 100 corporations, startups, and DAOs. Projects ranged from the future of laptops to the future of baked goods, from engaging the public in education reform to engaging patients in practices to control high-blood pressure, and from restructuring innovation processes at decades-old organisations to structuring organisations from the ground up.


For the last eight years I have focused on serving clients and organisations oriented towards positive social impact, with a particular focus on community-building, learning experiences, and financial empowerment.

I strive to continually learn new approaches and methods to add to my toolkit, most recently in service design and organisational design. I’m currently diving into the incredible range of governance and human coordination experiments taking place in web3.

I am based in Chicago and open to working with clients either virtually or in person.


Areas of particular interest

  • Designing and facilitating projects to develop new products, services or ways of working.
  • Designing and facilitating workshops (in person or virtual) for critical points on the journey of developing new products, services, or ways of working.
  • Developing learning and mentoring experiences.
  • Creating visual tools and frameworks for helping people navigate complex projects and challenges.
  • Serving economically marginalised communities.


Whether you need emergency or long-term support, leadership or team coaching, community or organisation design, or a facilitator to work with you from concept to post-event reflection, we will find the best team of facilitators and consultants to meet your needs.