Leen Schelfhout


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How do you create a safe and brave space where everyone feels welcome to contribute? This question has been with me for many years. My path into facilitation and creating rich spaces started about 15 years ago, in higher education, where I researched and developed inclusive and (inter)active learning environments focused on engagement, motivation, and wellbeing of everyone involved.

I have experience as a trainer in interactive, motivational teaching, in policy advising, process coaching, and organising conferences and seminars. Since 2022 I'm fully independent, focussing all my time on creating space for communities: at the global level as a co-founder of All for Climate DAO and Regens Unite, and at the local level with the commons Citizen Corner and Citizenspring.

I am at home in Deep Democracy and Liberating Structures, two philosophies and toolboxes that tap deep into group dynamics and active participation. Deep Democracy especially holds for me a deep way into hidden shadows and no-voices, conflict resolution and holding space for vulnerability, personal growth and group work. Although I completed all levels and some master levels, I’m a lifelong learner, curious about all aspects of being human.


At this moment I get most inspired by the processwork of Arnold and Amy Mindell and the way they nurture and hold spaces. But I also consider Margaret Wheatley and her views on organisations and space, Joanna Macy, Starhawk, Myrna Lewis and closer to my homebase (Brussels, Belgium) Jitske Kramer and Fanny Matheusen on Deep Democracy as my teachers. I do not shy away from a little bit of astrology, meditation, poetry and tarot to bring magic to the space and open up to joy and playfulness.

No-one knows as much as everyone. A well-thought-through design of all types of gatherings liberates potential, creates a context for vulnerability and sharing, while at the same time weaving relationships, trust, a sense of belonging and value. Only then the true power, resilience and collective wisdom hidden in an organisation or community can be revealed. I am eager to look into these challenges with anyone needing support.


Areas of particular interest

  • Creating and holding spaces for professional team retreats that find a good balance between human connection and getting things done.
  • Facilitation trainings for teams with a focus on balancing voices, inclusive decision-making, working through conflict and difficult topics, and working towards a deeper democracy.
  • Creating interactive environments where participants actively engage with the content and with each other, find balance between learning and relational weaving, and leave the space motivated and replenished.
  • Designing (and facilitating/moderating) participative, interactive conferences and events


Whether you need emergency or long-term support, leadership or team coaching, community or organisation design, or a facilitator to work with you from concept to post-event reflection, we will find the best team of facilitators and consultants to meet your needs.