Ruby May


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How, as a group, do we feel safe and confident enough to stretch into greater creativity than we would be capable of on our own? What helps to maximise the amount of diversity we can hold together, and yet remain in cohesion? How do we feel connected to others but not lose our individuality and unique gifts?

As a facilitator, these are some of the questions I have devoted much of my professional life to exploring.

My background working with groups fifteen years ago was centred around themes often considered taboo such as sexuality and intimacy. Although I focus now on other areas, my gift remains in bringing softness and playfulness into dynamics that can feel edgy, supporting people to feel safe in being the fullest expression of themselves so they can explore their creative identity outside of the boxes we often put ourselves in.


After having devoted myself to the study of human psychology, the Deep Feminine, nature-patterning and the wisdom of cycles, I have gained a valuable understanding of creative flow states, the phenomena of emergence and how we evolve. As a devotee of the 'Yin', I bring an important balance to a world dominated by the 'Yang', focusing on embodiment over performance, intuitive knowing, not simply the rational mind, making space for the ineffable, and not just the visible.

As well as facilitation, I am a community builder and consultant, having founded my own community centred around Feminine leadership, and worked for organisations to build up their communities. I'm the author of “Know Your Flow: A Cycle Tracking Journal for Personal and Planetary Revolution” and creator of ”The Game”, a card game that supports deeper intimacy and connection between families and friends. British by birth, I currently live in the creative cauldron of my adopted home Berlin.


Areas of particular interest

  • Designing and facilitating events to harness collective intelligence and creative problem solving, particularly when it comes to looking at the most pressing issues of today.
  • Consulting around event design for maximum balance, engagement, cohesion and evolution.


Whether you need emergency or long-term support, leadership or team coaching, community or organisation design, or a facilitator to work with you from concept to post-event reflection, we will find the best team of facilitators and consultants to meet your needs.