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Thanks for your interest in working with Open Facilitation.
Our route into working with us is through a 'Pay Their Worth' session, where you can:

  • Centre a current challenge you’re experiencing.
  • Explore questions you have about:
    Organisational design
    Regenerative leadership
    Management 101
    Community and team cultivation
    New ways of working
    Self-organisation and distributed decision-making
    Organisational transformation
    Reconciliation and repair
    Event, retreat, and conference design and facilitation
    Organisations as a commons
  • Gain a felt experience of whether we might be a good fit for deeper work.


Session info:

  • We’ll gather a few details about your current situation and either match you with the facilitator or consultant of your choice, or bring together the right team to help you.
  • 'Pay Their Worth' sessions are either 60 or 90 minutes and afterwards, you pay what the session was worth to you.
  • Clients find that these are great as either standalone sessions or as a route into deeper work.


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