Open Facilitation is a collective of facilitators and consultants that knows that groups, communities, and organisations need the full participation of its members.


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OF facilitators and consultants can help disrupt unhealthy group patterns and discover healthy new ones, support your community to grow,
implement relational-based systems and structures, embed healthy self-organisation practices, clarify your organisational design and strategy,
lead awareness-based change, strengthen shared leadership, and facilitate your meetings, gatherings, and retreats from design to completion.





Creating the conditions for artful participation






*Artful Participation: when an individual or group brings their full knowledge, intelligences, experience, and insights into the conversation, and actively engages in creating healthy, creative, and participatory environments.




Our facilitators and consultants have experience with

Organisational design
Art of Hosting
Human-centred design
Deep Democracy
Circling and authentic relating
Community cultivation
Regenerative leadership
Self-organisation and distributed decision-making
Liberating Structures
DAOs and web3 projects
Organisational transformation
Supporting community-led and activist groups
Elevating teams
Harm reconciliation and repair
Event, retreat, and conference design and facilitation
Your organisation as a commons






Whether you need short-term facilitation support, a coach, a new member of your team for a specified period, or an event or retreat facilitator to work with you from concept to post-event reflection, we work closely with you to find the best constellation of facilitators and consultants to meet your needs and timelines.